How to Stay Compliant With TABC Laws During a Wedding Bartending Event

Bartending at a wedding is exciting for most people, but it brings a whole new set of complications that must be sorted through to ensure no one ends up behind bars at this event. As a bartender, you must have a tabc license to serve drinks at a wedding, but that’s just one of many important points to keep in mind when you work as a bartender at a wedding. The tips below are a few of those ideas.

Meet With the Couple Ahead of Time

Make sure to schedule a consultation with the bride and groom to make sure they are aware of the rules and regulations that you must follow while working as a bartender at their event. Ask if there will be any special requests at this time. If so, it’s best to plan and be prepared.

Check ID

tabc license

Although some people at a wedding may be offended by you asking them for ID, it protects you against any trouble. Make sure to check the ID of anyone who looks of questionable drinking age to be safe.

Know When to Say No

Even when guests at a wedding are having a great time, it is your responsibility to know when to cut them off. Learn the signs that say the person is intoxicated and perhaps has had too much, such as slurred speech and stumbling, and know how and when to say no, even at a wedding event.

Don’t Work Based on Tips

Don’t let a good tip cloud your judgement or cause you to work in unsafe conditions. Make sure to abide by the rules at all times. Tips are nice and of course, they pay the bills, but you still must maintain standards.